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Emphatics: The behind the scenes look

I was recently lucky enough to have been asked to be a part of a special project showcasing the most amazing clothing collection featuring some major designers. The shoot was inspired by the 80’s woman. With diva attitude that only Iman could carry and shoulder pads up to your ears how could you not love the 80’s? The woman of the 80’s had strength (you could see it in her power suits) style, and plenty of character. We were lucky enough to embody these women today and all the while doing so while wearing some of the most fabulous pieces of runway-ready clothing.

If names such as McQueen or Galliano means anything to you, or maybe you are just dying to revisit the  awesomeness that was the 80’s, than I highly recommend catching a glimpse of this glamour collection. The Emphatics installation will soon be featured in the Phoenix Art Museum so watch out for updates!




Production by: Margaret Merritt
Hair & Makeup by: Diane Aiello
Photography* by: Thomas Ingersoll
Models with The Agency Arizona
*images posted are personal photos from behind the scenes – final images published were shot by Thomas Ingersoll

Long legs ahead: A Jean Story

At 5’11” I’ll be honest, it is a challenge to find a good pair of jeans. My requirements are simple, fits the waist so you can’t tell I just a massive lunch, long enough so my ankles don’t show when I walk and comes in a medium or dark wash. I don’t think I’m asking for much, but unfortunately this is one tall order to fill – pun intended.

In order to still manage winter seasons without freezing my stems off I now look towards Zara to help a girl out. Recently I discovered my new jean obsession – the ‘Essential Fit’ flared skinny jeans – while browsing the local mall. These jeans give me that oh so cool 70’s boho style, the length actually is long enough and best part is…they were only $30!


ZARA – Essential Fit


Ballet Slippers by Nine West

DSC_0583 (1)

Back in the day the only time you’d see me lacing up ballet slippers is practicing my grand jetes in my parents living room. Now it’s become my go-to shoe for work and going out. 

I’m loving these Nine West black ballet flats. I found these little cuties at my last Nordstrom Rack run and since my budget wasn’t quite ready for the Stuart Weitzman version, these were the perfect find! 


Evening at Saks Fifth Avenue

What a wonderful night playing dress up in Oscar de la Renta for a night out at Saks!


Style of the Day: The Black Skinny Jean

This gallery contains 2 photos.

The Gift of Skulls by Fire & Bone

Hey Guys,

As I’m sure you all know, I love bears. The bear is truly my spirit animal, my nickname (Sarah Bear), and my entire inspiration for the Bearly Fashionable logo made by moi. Last week I was lucky enough to be gifted with what is fast becoming one of my all time favorite pieces of jewelry I own. To think, something so ferociously beautiful can come in such a quiet and simple box. I just had to share this awesome find with you guys and to all of us skull-loving style fans out there.

Okay so what the heck am I talking about?! Have you heard of Fire & Bone? Well you should, because they are making some of the most amazing jewelry out there right now that is both cool and affordable. They scale to size anatomically correct images of animals into a pendant either to wear or to showcase on a display for all to envy. They are truly unique and beautiful gifts that demand our attention. Make sure to check out the link above to their website for more details and ways to purchase one of your very own!

xx Rawr

P.S. Thanks Fire & Bone for inspiring my latest painting

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Style of the Day: What Another Black and White?!

I’m realizing now that I could wear black and white probably everyday and never tire of it.

It’s always fresh, easy, and fashionable. Today at work I almost successfully got away with wearing my ripped black jeans without anyone really taking a second look. Up until the very end of my shift when of course the VP Director walks by me as I’m reading The Sirens of Titan quietly in the entrance hallway, and notices the missing chunks of fabric over my knee caps…What a great way to make an impression on the bosses am I right? We acknowledge each other warmly, both smiling over our vast contrast of corporate appropriate attire and proceeded as we were with me deep into the last chapter of my book and him leaving another day at the office…

Style of the Day: Keep It Simple with Thrifting

My entire outfit is my favorite color scheme…black and white and of course it was all thrifted or found super cheap! Just because I work at the office doesn’t mean I have to wear suits all the time. So this was my simple style for today.

Top: TOPSHOP  $5.97

Skirt: White House | Black Market  $12.00

Boots: TESORI $29.99

Pro Tip: Use a bold lip to inject some serious style and color into a simple look and don’t be afraid to add some quirky pieces no matter how subtle like my black glittered socks. Also leather jackets are both sexy and sophisticated so it works both in the office and out for drinks.




Style of the Day

Hey Guys,

It’s raining in the desert today so that means I get to wear boots and a sweater!! …Yes I’m pathetic. I will take any excuse I can find to get my fall clothes on even if that means sweating on my way to work because YES it was raining, but YES it was also around 90 or so degrees today. Eh what’s a girl to do. Anyways when I know I have a runway show I like to dress comfortable and warm just in case the A/C is blasting and I have a long time to wait. So here is my wanna be fall look today!

I’m wearing a Target black dress, Abercrombie & Fitch oversized sweater, and Pink & Pepper cut-out booties.

Nicole Richie as My Style Icon

Hey Y’all,

As I’m sitting in my room attempting to french braid my hair and pick out my next interview ensemble, I keep thinking what would Nicole Richie do? Well for starters she probably wouldn’t be going to the interview I have tomorrow,BUT she would look absolutely fierce if she were. See I think Nicole Richie is one the best dressed celebrities. For me she is a true style icon and here is why:

Let’s briefly just break down why Nicole is duchess of personal style. First she is not afraid of fashion. This girl takes risks and gets that fashion is meant to be fun so stop taking it so damn seriously. This what what separates fashionistas from just well dressed celebrities. Fashion is all about creative progression and with that of course comes with some risks. This is where those that let their personalities come alive through the garments really exemplify what it means to own their personal style.

Second she has impeccable taste. Everything she wears sort of blends rock and roll with a boho swagger. I think she is someone that just knows how to mix and match different styles to blend cohesively to pull together a complete look. She understands fashion in a very intimate way and really blossomed in front of the cameras. Remember when the boho look was ‘it’? Well duh, Nicole was the go-to boho chic celeb and really I think that’s when she found her voice.

She has her own sense of style and you know what her best accessory is? Her confidence. This girl shines on red carpets because you know she feels great in the clothes and it makes the audience want to wear what she is wearing. Designers want to dress her because she can pull off any look and make it her own. Hey even that purple hair was fashionable chic right? Whether she is streetwear casual in boyfriend jeans and leather or dolled up for the MET Gala, Nicole Richie knows fashion and this is why she is my style icon.