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Heavy Metal Jacket

A leather jacket is a true closet staple. Unfortunately for me, I lost mine last spring so I have been on the hunt for a new one. After months of searching with no real luck, I stumbled into Zara where I found exactly what I didn’t know I was looking for.


This season I’m trying a new bold look in a metallic silver leather jacket! Truly obsessed!

In My Home: Zephyr Magazine

Check out the latest issues of Zephyr Magazine where I was interviewed in my new home. Issue 39 is out now, click here to see for yourself!

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 10.21.12 PM

Style of the Day: Cozy Knit and Jeans

Hey Guys,

Sometimes the perfect look doesn’t have to be that hard to be put together – In fact it can be simple to create and comfy to wear. Insert ripped jeans and cozy sweater here:

ShopShopeShoSsdf s

Sweater and Jeans by: H+M

Shop the look: http://www.hm.com/us/

Style of the Day: Pop of Color in the Office

Have you ever been told you’re an Autumn, Spring, or maybe a Winter? Well if you haven’t don’t worry, but for a lot to us we may be guilty of filling out those quizzes in the back of a Cosmopolitan just waiting to find out what color we truly are.

I have been told I’m a Summer and all that black and grey I wear does nothing for me. In fact they told me to get rid of black all together! Ugh have you seen my closet – it’s 60% black and 30% grey…I am not about to give up my favorite color and start my wardrobe over, though she may have a point. We shouldn’t be afraid to go outside our comfort zone and try new colors or prints. Fashion is about having fun with your style and taking risks. So in tribute to my Summery completion here is my pop of color I tried on for work today.

Skirt by Halogen from Nordstroms

Blouse by Guess Marciano from a local thrift shop

Shoes by Jimmy Shoo found at Nordstroms

Bag by Rachel Roy from Macy’s

NYC Par Deux

Last part of my NYC trip consisted of some major coverage of the city. I’m talking about 10 miles worth (thanks FitBit!).

My mom and I began our day at the highest lookout in the city-The new World Trade Center (WTC). The views from the top of the 100 story was breathtaking. I mean it was worth it just to made it to the top, but even the elevator ride up the tower was a treat for guests. I don’t want to give spoilers, but let’s just say you see the whole city-start to finish- on this sightseeing tour.

Between the best views in all of Manhattan to the surprisingly interactive ride up through their 60 second elevator ride, it was truly the best way to start off the morning. After the tower we were famished and walked our sweaty selves through Little Italy until we found a charming cafe called Ela. We recharged our batteries for a day of walking, shopping, and search for A/C! I was sad to say goodbye to the city that night, but at least we made sure to eat well and see as much as we possibly could in those two days.

Until next time NYC

Style of the Day: The Teddy Bear Coat

is it too early to wear coats?! Okay absolutely yes it is let’s be  real-I live in the desert. However, when the Nordstrom sale starts how could I resist buying my new winter wear with those discounts?!

I found a coat so fitting to my style it was truly a furrtuitious find! (Get it?) As you know by reading my bio or just by guessing by the name of the blog, I love bears! My nickname is Sarah Bear and my brothers just call me Bear. 

So this coat is by Kenneth Cole and called ‘The Teddy Bear’. It’s cozy, comfy, and streetstyle chic. Check it out!  


Style of the Day: Black Calvins

Don’t you hate it when you’re in a rush to leave the house for work, but it feels like you have nothing to wear? I feel like this happens to me every week! One way to combat this is to have key staples in your closest ready to go. 

I ran into this problem once again this week, but luckily my black Calvin Klein dress had just come back from the dry cleaners. You can never go wrong with a black dress and especially not a classic work dress. I just added some loafers and I was out the door in no time!



Style of the Day: A Denim Love Story


Style of the Day: Little Black Dress with a Side of Skulls

Morning Bearistas!

Showing off my new black addition to my closet, as if I really needed another, thanks to Lulu’s summer sales! Also featuring my new bear skull necklace by Fire & Bone featured in my last blog post, and of course my TopShop sandals from Nasty Gal.

Style of the Day: 70’s Child

As a model you don’t always have full control over your look. When the client or designer needs you to be blonde, you dye your hair. When they need you to slim down, you go to yoga and eat healthier. 

A model is meant to be a canvas that can mold and transform to fully embody the artist’s vision. When the artist is a swimwear designer, well I get my pale booty over to the tanning salon.  That’s what I did to prepare for our next swimwear runway happening tomorrow. I can’t wait to strut in these gorgeous bikinis with my favorite model ladies! In honor of my new 70’s glow I thought I’d wear my new boho dress from Forever 21. What do you think, keep the glow?