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A day in ETRO

9:00 A.M. and my Uber driver calls to let me know he’s outside waiting. With only my ASU backpack and vintage Dooney & Bourke in tow, I prefer to travel light, I make my way to the airport to catch my morning flight to Vegas. Why Vegas you ask? Well today I escape my 9 to 5 job today to walk in an ETRO show with Saks Fifth Avenue!

It’s not everyday I get to be a real model, you know the ones that actually jet set and make runway and photoshoots a full-time gig, so when I get the opportunity I pounce! Today I  share my behind-the-scenes moments of what life is like as a model on the go and walking for ETRO and Saks.






A Model’s Life before the Runway: Heart Ball Kickoff

Welcome to your exclusive behind the scenes pass of today’s runway show! Agency AZ, Margaret Merritt Productions, Saks Fifth Avenue, and the Heart Ball committee hosts this years 56th Annual Heart Ball Kickoff runway show benefitting the American Heart Association.

The show featured the hottest Spring looks from Michael Kors to Zang Toi and of course some pretty major shoes and handbags! I was lucky enough to be one of the models for today’s show and I wanted to share some behind the scene moments with my army of Agency AZ models.

We began our work day while the moon was still out. 5am and my alarm is yelling to get me out of bed! WAKE UP SARAH!! Ugh my snooze button looked more inviting so 10 minutes later, I’m up. Braced myself with a potched egg and my go-to leather jacket I headed out the door.

Arriving to shows is the best feeling. You are greeted with the always positive Hannah who runs the backstage and styling with her mentor Margaret, and then left to catch up with the friends before settling into a makeup chair.

For today, not only did our beautiful models bring their own fierce street style, but they also brought some serious laughs. Like for instance, when the show ended we all huddled together behind the tall white curtains to plan our escape. Unfortunately for us there was no clear route to the exit without going through the middle of the event. Seeing how my flannel shirt and jeans didn’t quite fit in with the cocktail dress code, we waited, and we waited, and we waited until finally we made a dash for it. Okay so it wasn’t so dramatic, but we were truly stuck and eventually we all lined up like good little ducks to make our escape for the Saks elevator. Hopefully the ladies didn’t mind a second impromptu show. xx