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Model Workout | My First MMA Class

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Emphatics: The behind the scenes look

I was recently lucky enough to have been asked to be a part of a special project showcasing the most amazing clothing collection featuring some major designers. The shoot was inspired by the 80’s woman. With diva attitude that only Iman could carry and shoulder pads up to your ears how could you not love the 80’s? The woman of the 80’s had strength (you could see it in her power suits) style, and plenty of character. We were lucky enough to embody these women today and all the while doing so while wearing some of the most fabulous pieces of runway-ready clothing.

If names such as McQueen or Galliano means anything to you, or maybe you are just dying to revisit the  awesomeness that was the 80’s, than I highly recommend catching a glimpse of this glamour collection. The Emphatics installation will soon be featured in the Phoenix Art Museum so watch out for updates!




Production by: Margaret Merritt
Hair & Makeup by: Diane Aiello
Photography* by: Thomas Ingersoll
Models with The Agency Arizona
*images posted are personal photos from behind the scenes – final images published were shot by Thomas Ingersoll

A day in ETRO

9:00 A.M. and my Uber driver calls to let me know he’s outside waiting. With only my ASU backpack and vintage Dooney & Bourke in tow, I prefer to travel light, I make my way to the airport to catch my morning flight to Vegas. Why Vegas you ask? Well today I escape my 9 to 5 job today to walk in an ETRO show with Saks Fifth Avenue!

It’s not everyday I get to be a real model, you know the ones that actually jet set and make runway and photoshoots a full-time gig, so when I get the opportunity I pounce! Today I  share my behind-the-scenes moments of what life is like as a model on the go and walking for ETRO and Saks.






Bridal Behavior

Here’s a behind the scenes look of me and my gorgeous gang at Tucson’s bridal show.


Style of the Day: 70’s Child

As a model you don’t always have full control over your look. When the client or designer needs you to be blonde, you dye your hair. When they need you to slim down, you go to yoga and eat healthier. 

A model is meant to be a canvas that can mold and transform to fully embody the artist’s vision. When the artist is a swimwear designer, well I get my pale booty over to the tanning salon.  That’s what I did to prepare for our next swimwear runway happening tomorrow. I can’t wait to strut in these gorgeous bikinis with my favorite model ladies! In honor of my new 70’s glow I thought I’d wear my new boho dress from Forever 21. What do you think, keep the glow?


Photoshoot in Minutes

Why Hello,

Let’s keep things simple. In the over-the-top world of fashion I feel there is a misconceived notion that in order to produce something beautiful it has to take hours and hours of work. Now I’m not the process of creating a beautiful photograph doesn’t take hard work, but I’m saying it should have to be a knock down drag out of a day all the time.

Sometimes all it takes is a little spark of inspiration and a little collaboration. I have a photoshoot this year that proved that sometimes low key is the way to go. The photographer Lanly pulled inspiration from Italian sculptures and ethereal paintings. Her friend is a designer and had already loaned a dress for Lanly to use on one of her shoots. AND voila a concept for a shoot was born! Now all she need was a model (that’s me) and a location.

By the time we met up we really had to chase the light so there wasn’t much time for preparation. We didn’t bring multiple cameras, a crew, or extra lighting. All we had was a dress, the sunset, a chair, and a vision. Within 30 minutes we had our shots.

There was nothing glamorous about the photoshoot. It was just two women roaming the streets of a random neighborhood with a camera in tow. I mean the neighbors were literally just walking their dogs past us while we were shooting and at one point I was lying on the ground in a bush. You would never know by the end results, but like I said it isn’t how the Victoria Secret Angel’s commercials make all photoshoots out to be.

With just the two of us out there we could collaborate and make something interesting out of the otherwise normal backdrop. We may have gotten a few bug bites at the end of the day, but that’s just another day’s work. I love the pictures we got and I hope you like them too. xx

For more of Lanly’s work and recent photoshoots please visit:http://www.lanlyle.com/

Me by Lanly Le: The Latest Photoshoot

Here are the latest images from my shoot with photographer Lanly Le. The concept was beautiful, dark, and innocent. Enjoy xx

Fashion Show with Walter Mendez

Hey Guys!

Last weekend was all about LA based designer Walter Mendez. He is known for his exquisite hand beaded sheer gowns fit for the best dressed lists. I was lucky enough to model for him in both a photo shoot and runway! Here are some behind the scenes footage and runway pics of the one and only Walter Collection by Walter Mendez.





A Weekend at a Runway Show

Hey Y’all,

Guess what time it is? Show season! It’s the best season of the year, especially for Arizona models. For most people September means the leaves have started to change color, you can’t wear white anymore, and it’s about that time to break out the comfy sweaters with hot cocoa. Here in Arizona…the seasons we live by, besides hot and not as hot, is show season.

For models in the desert this is our time to break in our new Steve Madden strappy pumps because we are about to clock in some serious runway mileage. Okay, Okay it’s not New York Fashion Week, or Paris Couture…but for us September through December means weekly jobs and a steady income. Not to mention, for those of us as full-time employees or students, we get to break free from our scheduled mundane routines and enter into a fashion fantasyland…even if it just lasts for a night.

So cheers to the beginning of show season with the fabulous Agency AZ team. For our first main event I walked for the Equality Arizona Show. This was a chance to showcase love and equality for all in a gender swap fashion show. I played the groom and wore some lovely lez chic pantsuits and pumps while I walked my runway wife down the aisle. Here are a few pics of our big night out! xx

Style of the Day

Keeping it simple again today for my cousin’s Marine Bootcamp graduation!


Gaslamp Quarter

  • J Crew sweater
  • Cotton On jean shorts
  • Thrift felt hat
  • Fujifilm Instax 210