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Long legs ahead: A Jean Story

At 5’11” I’ll be honest, it is a challenge to find a good pair of jeans. My requirements are simple, fits the waist so you can’t tell I just a massive lunch, long enough so my ankles don’t show when I walk and comes in a medium or dark wash. I don’t think I’m asking for much, but unfortunately this is one tall order to fill – pun intended.

In order to still manage winter seasons without freezing my stems off I now look towards Zara to help a girl out. Recently I discovered my new jean obsession – the ‘Essential Fit’ flared skinny jeans – while browsing the local mall. These jeans give me that oh so cool 70’s boho style, the length actually is long enough and best part is…they were only $30!


ZARA – Essential Fit



Style of the Day: The Black Skinny Jean

This gallery contains 2 photos.

Style of the Day: The Oversized Coat

Coat by Kenneth Cole

Boots by Steve Madden

Jeans by H&M

Style of the Day: The Teddy Bear Coat

is it too early to wear coats?! Okay absolutely yes it is let’s be  real-I live in the desert. However, when the Nordstrom sale starts how could I resist buying my new winter wear with those discounts?!

I found a coat so fitting to my style it was truly a furrtuitious find! (Get it?) As you know by reading my bio or just by guessing by the name of the blog, I love bears! My nickname is Sarah Bear and my brothers just call me Bear. 

So this coat is by Kenneth Cole and called ‘The Teddy Bear’. It’s cozy, comfy, and streetstyle chic. Check it out!  


Style of the Day: A Denim Love Story


Style of the Day: Little Black Dress with a Side of Skulls

Morning Bearistas!

Showing off my new black addition to my closet, as if I really needed another, thanks to Lulu’s summer sales! Also featuring my new bear skull necklace by Fire & Bone featured in my last blog post, and of course my TopShop sandals from Nasty Gal.

Style of the Day: A Cowboy and Bohemian Walk into a Bar

Hey Guys,

My mom was a child of the 60’s. She was that beautiful long golden haired girl who had the perfect middle part so iconic of the times. if it weren’t for the 18+ rule, she would have definitely been one of the many thousands participants of Wood Stock and danced in the mud as Janice poured her soul into the mic. Yeah, my mother is pretty cool. With her flower child spirit and love of dance I have always wanted to find the perfect outfit to give a proper nod to her past. This leads me to my Free People thrift dress I found at a going-out-of-business sale at a nearby Off Saks 5th Avenue.

I’m absolutely in love with this embroidered peasant dress. Free People is the perfect brand for all us hippie chicks and Coachella goers. I hope you like it just as much as I do. xx

Style of the Day

Hey Guys,

It’s raining in the desert today so that means I get to wear boots and a sweater!! …Yes I’m pathetic. I will take any excuse I can find to get my fall clothes on even if that means sweating on my way to work because YES it was raining, but YES it was also around 90 or so degrees today. Eh what’s a girl to do. Anyways when I know I have a runway show I like to dress comfortable and warm just in case the A/C is blasting and I have a long time to wait. So here is my wanna be fall look today!

I’m wearing a Target black dress, Abercrombie & Fitch oversized sweater, and Pink & Pepper cut-out booties.

Style of the Day

Oh Hey,

To really freshen up a look and make it super cool and chic try mixing different styles together for on stellar outfit. Today I wanted to mix and match a cocktail piece with jeans. My way is with my H&M boyfriend ripped jeans and my new thrifted Anne Klein Collection beaded crop top. I threw on a pair of Keds to keep it casual as I headed out to the movies with the boyfriend! 


Labor Day Style: Simple, White, and Still Summery

Hey Y’all,

So yesterday was the last day of summer right? I mean Labor Day signifies the end of beach bbqs, girls in short-shorts, platinum blonde highlights, and the color white. However in Arizona we bend these end-of-summer rules. Since 6 months of the year feels like summer here we get to take the summer styles and cleverly extend them through our Fall and Spring wardrobes.

In honor of Labor Day and all it entails I threw on my new Nasty Gal ripped jeans and hit the town, a.k.a. the movies. I’m obsessed with the boyfriend style ripped jeans! From behind you could be a classic Hampton’s gal, while in the front you are downtown chic. I did a summery looking today and I’m sure I can take these white jeans, gasp I know wearing white after labor day used to be sinful, right into my fall looks.