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A Touch of Lavender

It’s been almost three years since I first dyed my hair to become a platinum blonde. As much as I have been loving the white locks, I was ready for a bit of a change and wanted to start playing with color. That’s why I turned to the fabulous hairstylist Miriam over at Model Citizen for a little help. We decided to play with pastels and go lavender for my first pop of color.

I loved how it turned out! The lavender is subtle enough for work, but in the right light really can grab some attention.



Monday Night Collaborations


Shot by: Josue Orozco
Hair: Lauren Bates
Makeup: Sandy Goldstein

A White Out

For the last couple of years I have been on a journey to find the perfect shade of platinum. Growing up with Gwen Stefani as an idol, it comes as no surprise that her style played a major influence on me. From her white blonde locks, plaid jeans and bikini tops I was a true style fan! 

So the other night my hairstylist decided to take my own platinum even further and make me white! I may not be Gwen, but I feel she would be totally supportive with my hair color transformation. Just hope my work is too! 


Fashionably Fired Up over This Red Hot Look!

Hey Girl,

Has anyone else been noticing that bold hair colors are the new dos to do? It seems like everyone is doing it from celebrities, models, and my local retail experts! I mean just today on my daily fashion Tumblr scroll I stumbled upon none other than supermodel Sasha with brand new red locks. Looks like bold hair color is no longer reserved for post break-up metamorphosis. If you are looking for a change up in your hair regime, why not go red hot like some of these lovely ladies.



Known for her Ariel red locks try this bold candy apple like Carly from Girl Code

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