About me

My name is Sarah Hatcher and I’m an Arizona native.

I’m a local model with The Agency AZ and I have traveled the world modeling since I was 18 years old. I began my modeling career at the ripe age of 15 when one day my mom found an ad in the local paper for a modeling contest at Macy’s. Winners got to walk in a prom runway show and received a contract with a local modeling agency, and long story short, I became a signed model! That was the start of my career and oh how I can’t believe where it has taken me. I took some time off to focus on finishing my degree at ASU and I can proudly say I graduated  from W.P. Carey Business School with a bachelors in Marketing and minor in Communications.

My nickname is Sarah Bear, but my family just call me ‘Bear’.  A couple years ago my mom and I started a collage of me posing with random bear statues we would find on our travels and even though it started as a joke it became a quirky tradition. Now whenever I see a bear statue I have to stop to take a photo to keep tradition alive! So you can probably guess, you clever readers, that ‘Bearly Fashionable’ is a blog about me and my experience and love for the fashion industry. Hope you enjoy xx


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