The A Team of Beauty: Milk Makeup’s Minis

Dull skin? Lacking that Insta-glow? TSA’s liquid restrictions giving you all sorts of trouble when packing for that next vacay? Well don’t you worry about it, turns out there is a solution to all your problems. The best part guys is it comes in a cute little holographic box.

Milk Makeup has packaged together the A-Team of beauty minis that includes some of our favorite products such as the Blur Stick, Matte Bronzer and even the Mars Holographic Stick. This box of minis actually makes for a great gift idea especially for the holidays coming up and online it says it’s only available for a limited time so you may need to order fast!

I recently just ordered my box of minis from Milk Makeup so I could try out the products I keep hearing about. I’ve been curious about Milk Makeup for awhile now and this seemed like the perfect way to get a taste of the brand and the variety of products they have without having to splurge too much just yet.

First impression, the packaging is lovely. I love the simplicity of their branding yet and the pop of the holographic shimmer throughout everything. In this A-Team package you get some of their best-selling products:

  1. Mini Blur Stick
  2. Mini Highlighter in Lit
  3. Mini Matte Bronzer in Baked
  4. Mini Mars Holographic Stick
  5. Mini Cooling Water

Of all the products I’m the most excited about the Blur Stick. I’ve heard nothing but rave revues of this product. I’ve seen people use it for it’s purpose, a blurring primer to prep the skin, but also I’ve seen it used almost as a replacement for a foundation. One thing about Milk Makeup is their goal is not to cover you up and glam you out to a point where you no longer look natural. They like to highlight and bring out your natural beauty and just add a little flair to your beauty routine. So you can use the Blur Stick for an all over coverage and then use a concealer as spot coverage.

Their products are vegan, cruelty free and yes even gluten free. It’s nice to know that Milk is a conscious brand so you never have to worry about what you’re getting. For only $39.00 I think this A-Team box set is a steal.

You can purchase it directly from their website here: Milk Makeup A-Team Minis.

milkmakeupateam 2MilkMakeupATeamGifts 2

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