Winter in Sedona



Hey Y’all,

I’m here to report Winter is…here. At least it was in Sedona, Arizona last weekend. Grey clouds hung low as I grasped tighter to my Kenneth Cole teddy bear coat walking down the shopping strip of 89-A.

Sedona is the perfect get-a-way for us Arizona folks. It’s a place my mom and I especially love to visit when we want to catch up and leave our Phoenix problems behind.

Another wonderful thing about visiting Sedona besides the breath taking views is meeting the quirky locals that call it home. See Sedona is known to be a place for healing. It’s called ‘The Vortex’ because it’s supposedly surrounded by natural healing energy and people flock here because of that. Even during this trip I met a woman from Sweden who found this place so seredipitiously and never left.

She told us years ago she first visited California and remembers this amazing thrift shop that had a turquoise ring she loved. She didn’t wind up buying the ring that day, but she went home thinking about it constantly. So one day back home in Sweden, she decided to sell her farmland and she would move out west to California. With just two bags packed, she boarded a plane to the U.S.

As she was making her way to California her friend told her about a place that carried the same jewelry designer as the one who made that Turquoise ring from the California thrift shop years ago. Without hesitation she took a detour to guess where, Sedona. She told us from the very moment she stepped out of her car she could feel the energy of Sedona calling to her.

She never made it to California. Her second day in town she found a job working at a popular leather store and never looked back. It’s funny, she was telling us this story while playing with her chunky turquoise ring.

I must say I admire her. She lives fully submersed in the moment and trusts to follow her heart no matter what. One piece of advice she gave me to was to remember to always listen to your heart. For the mind only knows what other’s tell it it be true, but the heart, the heart cannot lie and will only show you your true feelings. If you follow your heart, you will always feel full.

I want to leave you on the same note I left with by this incredible woman. Follow your heart in every decision you make because it’s your life to live so live it as your fullest and happiest self.

Thank you Sedona for another memorable trip!

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