Labor Free Labor Day Weekend Recap

“Wait, vacation is over?” – sighed every adult on the last day of Labor Day Weekend


What makes a good vacation? Is it the destination? Maybe it’s the fabulous outfits you get to wear. Or wait, it’s shopping right?! Well I don’t know about you, but for me It has to be about the company you share it with and extra bonus for abs caused by uncontrollable laughter.I mean seriously, I think a weekend with my friends is a much more effective way of staying in shape then my gym membership.

So to sum my last weekend trip, not only was this vacation good, it was fantastic! I shared Labor Day weekend with my closest friends; some even dating back since second grade. Crazy right? Somehow our friendships prevailed through awkward pubescence, emotional drudgery, Nickelback and long distances apart.

With such an accomplishment such as 10 plus years of friendship, we thought we would all celebrate together beach side in San Diego. The crew, all 11 of us, road tripped to meet up at Ocean Beach for the Labor Day festivities. Mostly we beached it, drank it and somehow just about everyone got lost at one point while Downtown.

It’s with a heavy heart and even heavier tan lines that my California vacation has come to an end. It was seriously one of the best weekends I’ve had in so long and I must say it was quite overdue. Now it’s back to reality land where there are 6 AM wakeup calls, 100 emails a day and fluorescent bulbs instead of beachy sun rays. Luckily I brought my Polaroid and disposable cameras to capture every moment so we wouldn’t forget it!

Here’s a bit of a collage of the perfect Cali weekend.


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