Style of the Day: Pop of Color in the Office

Have you ever been told you’re an Autumn, Spring, or maybe a Winter? Well if you haven’t don’t worry, but for a lot to us we may be guilty of filling out those quizzes in the back of a Cosmopolitan just waiting to find out what color we truly are.

I have been told I’m a Summer and all that black and grey I wear does nothing for me. In fact they told me to get rid of black all together! Ugh have you seen my closet – it’s 60% black and 30% grey…I am not about to give up my favorite color and start my wardrobe over, though she may have a point. We shouldn’t be afraid to go outside our comfort zone and try new colors or prints. Fashion is about having fun with your style and taking risks. So in tribute to my Summery completion here is my pop of color I tried on for work today.

Skirt by Halogen from Nordstroms

Blouse by Guess Marciano from a local thrift shop

Shoes by Jimmy Shoo found at Nordstroms

Bag by Rachel Roy from Macy’s

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