NYC Par Deux

Last part of my NYC trip consisted of some major coverage of the city. I’m talking about 10 miles worth (thanks FitBit!).

My mom and I began our day at the highest lookout in the city-The new World Trade Center (WTC). The views from the top of the 100 story was breathtaking. I mean it was worth it just to made it to the top, but even the elevator ride up the tower was a treat for guests. I don’t want to give spoilers, but let’s just say you see the whole city-start to finish- on this sightseeing tour.

Between the best views in all of Manhattan to the surprisingly interactive ride up through their 60 second elevator ride, it was truly the best way to start off the morning. After the tower we were famished and walked our sweaty selves through Little Italy until we found a charming cafe called Ela. We recharged our batteries for a day of walking, shopping, and search for A/C! I was sad to say goodbye to the city that night, but at least we made sure to eat well and see as much as we possibly could in those two days.

Until next time NYC

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