Style of the Day: Grey in the City

Hey Guys!

I’m in the New York City for the weekend to visit my Dad at a conference. I can’t wait to write more about the trip, but here is the start with outfit featuring different shades of grey.

This was the theatre night where my mom and I attended Peter Pan. Well interesting side note-Obama was at the play across the street and the play couldn’t even start until he was settled in his theatre! Crazy right? 

So after all the secret service commotion and flying fairies, we headed to the cafe at Rockafeller Center for my Ada’s company happy hour. We had such a fabulous time taking advantage of the company’s open bar and buffet that we weren’t ready to end our night. So what do you do after some wine and tapas? Obviously you go to the top of the tallest building that’s closest to walk to.

This grand idea led us to The Top of the Rock. If you haven’t gone before I really do recommend it. The views were gorgeous especially at sunset when the golden hues dripped along the skyscrapers until finally little flicker of lights began to come on from inside the windows. It was truly a perfect first day in the city.




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