The Grand Adventure: Sedona Weekend


It seems like recently I cannot sit still for longer than a few days before I am scheduling some sort of trip. This week it was all about a weekend trek to Sedona, AZ. It is not only one of my favorite day/weekend trips to make, but it is also one of the easiest to do since it only takes two hours to drive and one solid Spotify playlist. This trip was short, but sweet. We decided to head out Saturday morning to make it in time for a late morning hike, then we planned to eat plenty of good Mexican food, cards against humanity, and eat more delicious Mexican food.

Well we got pretty close to following our schedule. However, instead of a late morning hike by the water, we made the ‘Grand Adventure’ to hike Broken Arrow trail starting around oh 12:30pm. Yes guys…we started a hike without shade, in mid-June AZ summer after 12pm. Luckily my squad isn’t afraid of a challenge. So 2(+) hours later in the relentless sun’s rays and a couple of impromptu photoshoot sessions later we finished out hike! After tending to our sunburns, we settled into our foodie fest portion of the trip. All-in-all Sedona trip was a success!

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