Chandeliers and Cold War Kids

Happy Weekend!

My Fridays usually consist of working until 6pm and then grabbing a bite to eat. Nothing crazy because I get to work the Saturday shifts. Well as I walked into my house and started to set up my next blog post, I received a musical miracle. Okay, maybe not a miracle but my friend did wrangle up a last minute ticket to a Alt AZ Graduate Session featuring Cold War Kids! The only caveat, “You have 25 minutes to make it to the show.” This is code red in girl code by the way. Still in my work clothes I made a quick change even Broadway stars would share a nod of approval for and raced to the venue.

Alt AZ Graduate Sessions are hosted by the Graduate Hotel and Alt AZ 93.3 radio station. It was an intimate show where the band performed for maybe 50 lucky radio contest winners and three misfits (that’s my crew). The audience was showered by about 5 songs by the band and even without all the lights and special effects, it was truly a show to remember. 

I seriously cannot wait until the next show. Luckily for us Arizonians we have access to weekly concerts at some pretty amazing venues so I don’t think I’ll have to wait too long. Don’t forget to tune in to Alt AZ 93.3 if you’re in Arizona for your chance to get up close and personal with your favorite band! 


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