The Gift of Skulls by Fire & Bone

Hey Guys,

As I’m sure you all know, I love bears. The bear is truly my spirit animal, my nickname (Sarah Bear), and my entire inspiration for the Bearly Fashionable logo made by moi. Last week I was lucky enough to be gifted with what is fast becoming one of my all time favorite pieces of jewelry I own. To think, something so ferociously beautiful can come in such a quiet and simple box. I just had to share this awesome find with you guys and to all of us skull-loving style fans out there.

Okay so what the heck am I talking about?! Have you heard of Fire & Bone? Well you should, because they are making some of the most amazing jewelry out there right now that is both cool and affordable. They scale to size anatomically correct images of animals into a pendant either to wear or to showcase on a display for all to envy. They are truly unique and beautiful gifts that demand our attention. Make sure to check out the link above to their website for more details and ways to purchase one of your very own!

xx Rawr

P.S. Thanks Fire & Bone for inspiring my latest painting

VFrGEDHCmjMMwYJKJd_zrMfCEyRDJB3FGXads7tByA4 PrcPkHB9U67b1wtpbQmRXmhPJh682vwsDnMbN72sK0o po-Ri9U3IRZ_2t1eNENEO4zZqO3IcsMmq8YxmqCgrwM

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