Style of the Day: 70’s Child

As a model you don’t always have full control over your look. When the client or designer needs you to be blonde, you dye your hair. When they need you to slim down, you go to yoga and eat healthier. 

A model is meant to be a canvas that can mold and transform to fully embody the artist’s vision. When the artist is a swimwear designer, well I get my pale booty over to the tanning salon.  That’s what I did to prepare for our next swimwear runway happening tomorrow. I can’t wait to strut in these gorgeous bikinis with my favorite model ladies! In honor of my new 70’s glow I thought I’d wear my new boho dress from Forever 21. What do you think, keep the glow?


3 thoughts on “Style of the Day: 70’s Child

  1. love what u r wearing…boho dress is my love…u look damn hot 🙂 do follow bk my blog


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