Three Cameras, Two Canyons, and One Canadian: Part 1

So I figured I should follow through and discuss my trip to The Grand Canyon. For anyone’s first time visiting Arizona I feel it’s just one of those things that you have to take your guest to. I mean it’s a seventh wonder in the world, it would be selfish not to share this treasure! We decided let’s not waste anytime and let’s go see The Grand Canyon on Michelle’s first full day in town.

….2 hours past alarm and we are out of the house. What can I say, we both enjoy our sleep and quite honestly we didn’t even fall asleep until probably way too late. Besides, we knew we’d make it to the canyon eventually so why not enjoy the ride and make the entire journey part of the adventure. So with out snacks and sunscreen in tow, we embarked on our desert adventure. Probably my favorite thing was watching how Michelle looked at the saguaros. She would point out all their arms and the way each one looked so unique. It was like the game we used to play when we were kids, you know, the one where you try to find as many different shapes and forms the clouds would make. Same idea with the saguaros. It allowed me to see the saguaros as if it were my first time again.

I also loved showing her that Arizona has way more than just dirt and cacti! Taking the I-17 north is the best way to show all the different landscapes us Arizonians have to offer. I mean, being able to be in the pine forest with snow with only 2.5 hours of driving, not bad am I right?

So we get to Flagstaff to pick up our park passes and guys, it was freezing…like even my Canadian was cold. I guess I forgot that normal places wouldn’t be 85+ degrees in April…The cold didn’t stop us from making a few pit stops though! Seriously once we drove behind Mount Humphrey’s it was breath taking. The grassy fields kissed with gold, and the snow capped mountains tightly hugged the single one way in, one way out road. It was beautiful. Even though we just made a stop, we couldn’t resist soaking in this moment and like the good models are, we used this moment to take some photos. We may have almost sacrificed out lives on that little road posing against on-coming traffic, but hey just a typical day in the life of a model.

Well guys this is the first leg of our trip. Next I’ll be sharing a whole bunch of pictures of the canyon and probably one too many moments of us casually posing on the side of a cliff…To be continued.

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