Models On-Duty for Akris Spring and Pre-Fall Runway

An artist is somebody who produces things that people don’t need to have.

-Andy Warhol

Well Andy maybe we don’t need it, but gosh we certainly do want it and especially when ‘it’ is fashion! Which leads me into the exciting show that my fellow Agency Arizona models and I were able to be a part of just last weekend. The Phoenix Art Museum is opening their highly anticipated Andy Warhol exhibit March 4th and what better way to start the pop-art party than with a fashion show!

Arizona was treated to a Spring and Pre-Fall showcase of the Akris collections produced by Margaret Merritt Productions who teamed with Neiman Marcus to create this beautiful show.  It’s fair to say that they knocked it out of the park and left a major impression on all the guests and media.

From the moment you turn the corner of the infamous ‘bean’ at the art museum you are almost immediately halted by the army of wooden chairs which echoed a grandeur attitude of the night to come. The models rushed into the back halls where we waited for our cue to practice. Once our struts were dusted off it was onward to the hair and makeup chairs where I came ready to shoot my lovelies for model-on-duty moments. So here is a look of what happens behind the curtains of a runway show and all the hard work that gets put into these fabulous shows!

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