V Boutique: Local Treasures from Oahu

Aloha Y’all,

On my last couple days left in Oahu I was getting worried I would never find a proper token to remind me of my travels here. See I romanticize my travels through my memories I take back with me. Like if I am wearing my orange leather bag from Lucca, Italy for example, then it’s like I’m carrying a little piece of Italy and all my adventures with me wherever I go. The only dilemma I was having in Oahu is my favorite thing has been all the food and since I can’t exactly bring any of the fantastic food trucks back to the mainland, I had to try my luck with something with a little less spoilage.

So as we were strolling the local farmers market Saturday morning and stuffing my faces with fried lumpia and fresh fruits, I found the cutest store called V Boutique. It’s located in Haleiwa, Oahu right next to the old soap factory. From the outside it may not look like much, but don’t let that fool you. The shop is super cute and trendy. All the jewelry feels organic, clean, and classic with obvious inspiration by the local environment. Whether it’s the hand crafted metal work, or the sea glass pendants that catch your fancy, this shop really is the perfect place to find your souvenir.

The jewelry designer/shop owner used to live in Utah bracing the snow with her skier husband until they decided to move to Hawaii. She actually began her jewelry design career through Etsy and once she found her success was able to open her very own shop. Even today she honors her Etsy roots by buying hand crafted purses from Etsy to promote new designers. I mean that’s pretty great am I right?

Thanks to a hungry stomach, and a little luck I was able to find the perfect Hawaiian souvenir that wasn’t touristy and that I will treasure forever. I left with a beautiful and simple gold ring that was hammered to look like a small wave. This ring will remind me of walking Turtle Bay on our way to watch surfers ride along the famous Pipeline swells, lush greenery with waterfalls straight from Jurassic Park, and the friendly smiles of all the Hawaiian locals. Thanks V Boutique for my must-have souvenir and my absolutely new favorite jewelry piece which I literally where just about everyday now.

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