Hawaiian Christmas 2014

Aloha and Merry Christmas!

Today I toured to the famous beach of Kailua for some much needed sun and family time. It’s so gorgeous here, but oh so packed! Looks like everyone had the same idea as us since traffic was bumper to bumper once we got into town.

One of the coolest parts of today was seeing the secret service men as we drove by the Obama’s residence. The President and his family are here for the holidays and you better believe the service men are out on watch. First of all, I have never seen the secret service, but this guy had on shorts, a blue beachy top, and of course the staple earpiece. Um can you say dopest secret service ever? One day I’ll see them all dapered out in their black suits like Mr. Smith from The Matrix, but I’ll take my beachy security for today.

We made sure to see ‘the country’ side of Oahu. Their northshore is all ‘country’ and you can tell the locals are way more relaxed here and they fight to keep their country, country. As we drove through the lush greenery and local food trucks, we came upon one of the best Thai food trucks on the island. So of course we stopped! It was absolutely so delicious. They had fresh coconuts you can drink from, sweet hot chili shrimp with their legs and shells still on (did you know they do that?) and I had a spicy papaya salad. Then for dessert we found a shaved ice shop where I tried the pineapple coconut flavor with cream. Delish! Y’all it was a good day. I hope everyone is enjoying the time they have with loved ones today and Merry Christmas!

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