The Red Ruby Rose Effect: The One Bag to Top this Year’s Xmas List

Good News Everyone!

Still looking for that perfect Christmas gift for that special lady? Or are you in dire need of a new holiday bag and sick and tired of the same tired clutch you’ve been carrying around for weeks? ME TOO! Which is why I turned to handbag designer Rowena Dugdale of Red Ruby Rose.

Heard of her? Well you should. Rowena Dugdale’s bags first caught my eye in a window of a quaint western shop in my hometown of Carefree. During the town’s annual Christmas parade and festival my mom and I decided to take a stroll away from the crowds to do some proper window-shopping. As fate would have it, in one of the windows we saw these gorgeous  silk clutch bags. We goggled at the window a good 5 minutes before the freezing weather chased us back into the warmer crowds.

The next morning I could tell my mom had fallen in love. She kept casually mentioning those bags and that shop in Carefree. Then after church I found out she stopped in the store to check them out! That’s when she learned that each bag is hand crafted by the designer in Scotland and she uses fine silks and leathers. These bags weren’t just beautiful, but they were art.

These bags are not for the wallflowers. They are for the expressive and the fashion lovers who aren’t afraid to show some personality. For this holiday season why not accessorize with a bag that allows you stand out in the sea of little black dresses at this year’s corporate holiday part? They’re the kind of gift that lasts a lifetime and that shows you put both thought and style under the tree. Check out these bags here and find the one that speaks to you. I bought my mom the cream silk clutch with arrows. It’s classic and the best part it feels personal since my mom’s sorority emblem is the arrow. I cannot wait to give this gift to her this year and I hope you have a chance to share that feeling too!


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