Photoshoot in Minutes

Why Hello,

Let’s keep things simple. In the over-the-top world of fashion I feel there is a misconceived notion that in order to produce something beautiful it has to take hours and hours of work. Now I’m not the process of creating a beautiful photograph doesn’t take hard work, but I’m saying it should have to be a knock down drag out of a day all the time.

Sometimes all it takes is a little spark of inspiration and a little collaboration. I have a photoshoot this year that proved that sometimes low key is the way to go. The photographer Lanly pulled inspiration from Italian sculptures and ethereal paintings. Her friend is a designer and had already loaned a dress for Lanly to use on one of her shoots. AND voila a concept for a shoot was born! Now all she need was a model (that’s me) and a location.

By the time we met up we really had to chase the light so there wasn’t much time for preparation. We didn’t bring multiple cameras, a crew, or extra lighting. All we had was a dress, the sunset, a chair, and a vision. Within 30 minutes we had our shots.

There was nothing glamorous about the photoshoot. It was just two women roaming the streets of a random neighborhood with a camera in tow. I mean the neighbors were literally just walking their dogs past us while we were shooting and at one point I was lying on the ground in a bush. You would never know by the end results, but like I said it isn’t how the Victoria Secret Angel’s commercials make all photoshoots out to be.

With just the two of us out there we could collaborate and make something interesting out of the otherwise normal backdrop. We may have gotten a few bug bites at the end of the day, but that’s just another day’s work. I love the pictures we got and I hope you like them too. xx

For more of Lanly’s work and recent photoshoots please visit:

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