Social Media Phenomenons Taking Over the Fashion Industry

Hey Y’all,

Watch out Naomi, Natasha, Karlie and Kate! There is a new breed of models out there and they are taking the world by storm! Scariest part is, they aren’t doing it by being discovered by some fashion icon or by their good looks alone. Oh no! Traditional means to the rise of fame for models may be nearing their final days. Social media famed models are all the new rage this season and looks like they’re here to stay.

As you can tell, I want to talk about the story blowing up the Internet. No I am not talking about Kim Kardashian’s booty picture; in fact I’m talking about her little sister Kendall. We all know Kendall from the mega reality show “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” and now fashionistas alike recognize her through her runway debut in Marc Jacobs and her Givenchy Advertisement. The most recent model update for this social media savvy muse is her new deal with the renowned cosmetics giant Estée Lauder.

From my recollection a cosmetic contract with such an esteemed cosmetics company such as Estée Lauder would take most models years to achieve. Kendall, who jumped on the fashion scene only a couple years ago, has quickly risen to fashion fame without too many hiccups it would appear. With her as the new face of Estée Lauder it made me question, is it the end of a model era or is it just the beginning?


There is no doubt social media has found a firm spot in our society. Now more than ever, social media can make or break you in social circles and even professionally! As for this young reality star, with help of Jenner’s 15 million Instagram followers, social media was the reason behind landing her new beauty contract. With such a large fan base, Kendall has the opportunity to inadvertently advertise towards all her followers on behalf of Estée Lauder and the best part is the Lauder company doesn’t have to pay for that form of advertising. Genius no?! Of course they will pay Kendall the big bucks for the contract, but I guess in the long run they will probably make more off her than anything they paid. Especially for a cosmetic brand that has been around the block, a chance to connect directly to the younger generations and instill their brand values upon them will help capture and retain these potential customers for the future.

So is the way to land the coveted roles for models no longer at the hands of excellent bookers, unique faces, or someone like a Patrick DeMarchelier? Even an Arizona local model, Rachel Mortenson, was able to capitalize on her insta-fame and get the attention than Paul Marciano at GUESS. I mean you can literally see her on the new GUESS ads and all this thanks to Instagram!

The fashion world is not filled with dummies. They understand that this at the end of the day it’s a business and social media is a low-cost and effective tool for marketing. By investing in these social media famous models, they can reach so many more people much faster and cheaper than ever before. If the fans are already emotionally invested into the model they follow just think about how curious and invested they will be to the brands attached to the model’s name.

So yes, maybe you could say the fashion industry sold out, I know I have been thinking it…but overall my business sense start tingling and all I can say is kudos on finding a new solution for building brand awareness. If this means a model with little experience such as Kendall Jenner will be the new faces of our beloved products compared to the women who have been working years to reach that professional peak, then cheers to the new age social super models. I’m just glad to say I was able to have known what ‘the good ole days’ looked like

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