Halloween is Coming: Zombies and Pumpkins


It’s only 5 days away from my favorite holiday of the year. That’s right I’m talking about Halloween. Halloween is the one night of the year where my imagination can transform into reality and you can be anybody or anything you ever wanted. Man I remember even as a little girl I loved this day. My mom would watch the movie Halloween when it came on t.v. and we were allowed to stay up to watch it with her. In fact, just today when I was visiting my mom she was looking on the t.v. guide for Halloween so we can plan when to watch it. Basically I was bred for this holiday.

This past weekend I really got into the Halloween spirit. I went a little more traditional with some of my closest friends and we carved pumpkins. When is the last time you carved a pumpkin? For me it must have been at least five years. I totally forgot how messy it was and also how quickly pumpkins rot here in the desert. So after the pumpkin carving the next night was all about the zombies. That’s right I went to Downtown Phoenix’s Zombie Walk where thousands of others like myself, got all dolled up in their gnarliest zombie attire and terrorized the streets of Phoenix. It was so cool! It gave me a great opportunity to test out my new halloween makeup.

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday and remember y’all this is the one chance we get a year to be totally free! Don’t waste it. If you always dreamed of being a Ninja Turtle well gosh darn it, get your shell on and go out there! Even if you are the only one dressing up just have fun with it okay! Promise? I’m even going to dress up at work and decorate my cube in honor of this terrifying time of year. I also plan on practicing my zombie makeup a lot more this week so get ready for some DIY tutorials!

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