Happy Birthday to Me

Hey Guys,

Oops I forgot to post about my birthday! I turned the obviously major milestone of 23 last week. (Yes I am being sarcastic) I have never been big about birthdays, well at least not my birthday.

It seems like half the years I was deathly ill and the other half they were a bit of a let down. Maybe that sounds ungrateful, I know I suck, but when you are a chronic idealizer you quickly learn that life doesn’t always work out like classic 80’s teen movies. I remember my birthday was made super special especially once I had my roommates. Those girls would surprise me with birthday notes on the mirrors or chocolate when I got home from school. The best part of my birthdays were always the little things because those always felt the most heart felt. Then the only problem I would run into is wanting to end the night with a bang, but before you are 21 it’s a little difficult to do.

One thing I could always count on, mainly because I would force my family into it, was a family birthday dinner. I remember when I was turning 12 I had my very first pizookie and fell in love instantaneously. Even though my family wasn’t always super close knit, I wanted to make sure we all came together for the holidays. It also gives us a chance to shake up the family routines and loosen up.

This year I changed up my tradition of a family dinner and we did a fabulous lunch at the Botanical Garden. It was AMAZING y’all!! I love my family they are wonderfully weird and supportive. We saw the butterfly exhibit and my mom had the fantastic idea to buy butterfly wings and wear them around the garden. Okay doesn’t sound weird enough? Well my mom not only wanted us to wear them but we had to ‘act like the butterflies’. Literally she had me pose in trees and flap my wings. We gained spectators by the end of the day, but it was so worth it.

I truly cannot express enough how much my family means to me. The only thing I ever want for my birthday is just a dinner, or lunch, with my family. The rest are just beautiful extras ♥️

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