Latest Albuquerque Adventure with My Main Squeeze

Hi ho,

Hi ho,

to ABQ I go!


I have been traveling once again y’all! This time I went back to Albuquerque to visit my man. We have been doing the whole long-distance thing for months now and you know what? As far as long-distance goes, we are so dang lucky. We have made an effort to see each other every month and stay for about a week. This is more than I ever imagined we would be able to do. Like all good things our good fortune is coming to an end…well maybe that’s too harsh. I think I’d rather say we are changing things up a bit. For now on we will be visiting only on weekends to accommodate our work schedules. So for my last big trip out there we made sure to really explore what the ABQ has to offer.

First things first…it was actually cold! Unlike Arizona, leaves were just starting to change with shades of pale yellows and orange hues. It was gorgeous! I never have had four seasons and since October is my favorite month of the year this was the best way to spend my last vacation before work. Also did I mention it was our birthday week?? I mean best timing ever for a vacation right?! Ugh it was amazing and I honestly can say he opened my eyes to the beauty of Albuquerque, especially the local food.

One of the days Trevor took up to the top of the Sandia mountains. As we drove up the windy roads, and whizzed by the autumn leaves, we noticed hail on the ground! Guys it was essentially snowing! My mind was blown and I swear to you I was in serious danger of becoming that annoying tourist. The only thing I needed was my fanny pack and to recite random state facts to locals. ANYWAYS as we climbed the mountain it began to get so cold. By the time we reached the parking lot at the peak we noticed the clouds moved right through the parking lot, cloaking Trevor’s purple car as if it were Harry Potter’s very own invisibility cloak. Like literally we were in the middle of a cloud. I knew my boyfriend was charming and romantic, but this boy delivered a friggin cloud during my birthday week!!

After adding about four jackets to my ensemble to stay warm we decided to hike around the rim of the peak. The moment we looked out for the view (which was of course covered by cloud and you couldn’t see a thing) the wind picked up and blew the cloud away revealing all of Albuquerque and it’s beauty. I wish I could have lasted longer up there, but I’m such a wimp when it comes to the cold.

The next days are a bit of a blur. I visited Trevor’s high school where he really was able to explore his artistic side. Did I mention how he had a painting purchased by the school itself to be hung in the halls of the art building? Yes, he was that good even as a teenager. I felt so proud to say my boyfriend was a paid artist and forever immortalized at such a prestigious school. Honestly guys, without as much bias as I can withhold, his painting could have easily been in any museum. It was incredible.

To sum it up though, my trip consisted primarily of eating loads of New Mexican cuisine, binging on Orange is the New Black, soaking up the first of Fall, and honestly just relaxing. It was the perfect end to my summer. Check out the pics of our day at the Peak!


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