Karlie Kloss: Because She’s Worth It

Breaking Fashion News Y’all!

8:45 am and my alarm goes off. I imagesfinally stop hitting snooze and I started my morning routine of browsing my Instagram feed, I stumbled across some major news. Karlie Kloss, iconic supermodel, just landed her dream job! She is the latest model to have signed  the coveted beauty contract with L’Oreal as their beauty ambassador.

Kloss has already stormed the impressive runways as an angel for Victoria Secret, she owns every major catwalk across the globe, and now she is getting ready for beauty domination. I think it’s arguable to say she has become the All-American Super Model of our generation. With her signature walk and face that can handle any makeup, it seems like a no brainer a beauty campaign was the next big thing for her to conquer.

I think the best part about this deal it shows others that even if you succeed in fulfilling a life-long dream, it doesn’t mean you stop dreaming. You can never go high enough and see enough of this world. Especially in the model world, it is so important to be a fighter and dream big if you want a successful career for yourself. As someone in it, there is always a new avenue you want to explore. So never give up and reach for the stars, and once you get there keep going! Shoot girl even reach for the galaxy because as long as you are willing to work for it, stay positive, and with a touch of luck dreams can come true.

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