It’s a New Home and a New Start

Hey Y’all,

Looks like recently I haven’t been the best blogger, I mean I’ve bearly been around lately. Well first I want to apologize, but I have a really good reason behind it I swear. Life is happening to me and in a big way! I got a new job and am moving into new digs and the craziest part is this all happened within a weekend! I know I know, no excuses, but I think you will understand that after all these major life changes the biggest thing on my mind was how the heck am I going to decorate my new place? Yeah so maybe I should be spending my time stressing over budgeting and what not, but interior design is way more fun and I really have been stumped on what to do.

First of all I have a smaller room than what I previously had so I need to get creative on my space utilization. Through tactical decor I believe I can make my small space feel spacious and roomy with just a few simple tricks. Things like striped rugs, lighter fabrics, foldable desks, and statement accessories are some great and easy ways to make a room appear larger. Also, what theme? Do I go more rustic coziness, boho chic, or modern minimalist? I haven’t finished my room yet, but here is my inspiration board I am working off of. I’m hoping to add a DIY, my first official one, to the blog for home decor and how to make it super fab while staying under budget. Check out my inspiration board and tune in for the DIYs!

-Hatch xx

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