Nicole Richie as My Style Icon

Hey Y’all,

As I’m sitting in my room attempting to french braid my hair and pick out my next interview ensemble, I keep thinking what would Nicole Richie do? Well for starters she probably wouldn’t be going to the interview I have tomorrow,BUT she would look absolutely fierce if she were. See I think Nicole Richie is one the best dressed celebrities. For me she is a true style icon and here is why:

Let’s briefly just break down why Nicole is duchess of personal style. First she is not afraid of fashion. This girl takes risks and gets that fashion is meant to be fun so stop taking it so damn seriously. This what what separates fashionistas from just well dressed celebrities. Fashion is all about creative progression and with that of course comes with some risks. This is where those that let their personalities come alive through the garments really exemplify what it means to own their personal style.

Second she has impeccable taste. Everything she wears sort of blends rock and roll with a boho swagger. I think she is someone that just knows how to mix and match different styles to blend cohesively to pull together a complete look. She understands fashion in a very intimate way and really blossomed in front of the cameras. Remember when the boho look was ‘it’? Well duh, Nicole was the go-to boho chic celeb and really I think that’s when she found her voice.

She has her own sense of style and you know what her best accessory is? Her confidence. This girl shines on red carpets because you know she feels great in the clothes and it makes the audience want to wear what she is wearing. Designers want to dress her because she can pull off any look and make it her own. Hey even that purple hair was fashionable chic right? Whether she is streetwear casual in boyfriend jeans and leather or dolled up for the MET Gala, Nicole Richie knows fashion and this is why she is my style icon.

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