Thrift Shop Finds of the Day: Anne Klein Collection Beaded Crop Top

Hey Y’all,

Guys I am a true thrift enthusiast. My mission is clear: Search for unique designer pieces and do it for a fraction of the cost. Thrifting is more than just finding a new piece of clothing, because of course it’s not really new now is it. It’s more about the experience itself. Sifting through all the hangers, piecing together the original woman who bought these clothes on full retail, imagining one day you too will be that woman, and then it ends (hopefully) with that score of the century!Ā 

Today I found a true beaded beauty. It was a little too big but never let sizes scare you off from trying the clothes on! This Anne Klein beaded crop top was such a score for me. I wanted something beautiful, made well, and something where I could wear to many events. I let shopping with the idea that whatever I buy I can make it casual, dolled up for nice dinners, date nights, and a night on the town. This top does just that and want to know the best part? It was $8.00!!!! Can you imagine?! Thank you to My Sister’s Closet for another good find. xx

4 responses to “Thrift Shop Finds of the Day: Anne Klein Collection Beaded Crop Top

  1. Amazing find! Im jealous!
    Your post is great, and I love dressing up & down too…
    Could you check out my blog? I think you might like it!


  2. Followed solid find! be sure to check out my blog about a stay at home day that turned thrifting into a full time career.


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