Road Trip Part 3: Day 1 in Sedona


So as to my previous itinerary I headed up to Sedona, Arizona for some red rock adventures. It’s funny how I have seen Sedona so many times before, but each time I round the I-79 bend that wraps around the first mounds of red rock I’m always in awe. It is just one of those few magical places in the world where time freezes. Almost like having a Tardis as a town you know? ( A little Dr Who bit for my fellow Who fans xx) 

So our big adventure started with the jeep tour through Diamondback Gulch. This 2.5 hour tour through rough terrain is ideal for photo enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike. First you strap into this windowless jeep and the tour guide eases into the ride by going slow and teaching you about the history of Sedona. Then when you are looking BAM! Your feet are hovering a foot off the jeep’s floor and instinctively your arms reach out to find anything that could stabilize you. It’s awesome. The best parts were when the tour guide was telling his stories so you were totally focused on what he was saying, and when you least expect it he would plow over a jump and the entire car is flying mid-air. Um those moments are everything! 

Like I stated in my handy itinerary, after our ride we stopped by my most absolute fav Mexican place for what else but nachos and margaritas! Yummy…I had to limit myself to just one margarita, but you know if it were happy hour I think a second round would have been in order.

Here’s some pics from our ride 


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