To Sedona and Beyond: Roadtrip part 3

Oh Hey,

    So I’ve been off on another road trip and this time I stayed in my own backyard…well sort of. My boyfriend is in town for a week from New Mexico and we wanted to do some major sightseeing of Arizona while we have a chance. See we are in the job hunt so we don’t know how much longer we have in the southwest. Until then, we thought a trip through Sedona, Flagstaff, and Page Arizona would be the perfect tourist road trip.

     Solid plan right? I mean we are hitting a couple major tourist spots and I could visit Sedona every weekend if I had a chance. It also is the perfect way for me to start practicing on my new Nikon 3200. My goal is to master this camera in a matter of months (or even weeks) and then start my plan to shoot wildlife and models! From the Amazon to the Amazonians, I plan to capture as many beautiful things as I possibly can with my new camera. Let the adventure begin!


Day 1: Sedona

Thanks to Groupon we got a hotel for under $50, which totally helps for us travelers on a budget. Next we venture on a sunset canyon jeep tour through A Day in the West where we will be on an adventure that literally keeps us out of our seats. To end the night we will doll up and head to my favorite Sedona restaurant, Taos for some incredible nachos and margaritas! 

Day 2: Page

Off to the magical Antelope Canyon! Where the rays of sunlight pour into the canyon to bring photographers and tourists from all over the world. Even catching the eyes of Italian Vogue for a spread just a couple years ago! Then we will finish our night camping by Lake Powell and living the simple life.

 Day 3: Flagstaff

To Humphreys we go! The perfect ending to our trip is by taking on the one of few ski mountains of Arizona and get home before nightfall. I may not make it to the top, but you know I’ll at least be able to say I worked out on a vacation so that sounds good enough for me.


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