The Circle Project: How Phone Apps Give us Creative Outlets

Hey Y’all,

As a model I’m surrounded by many brilliant, creative individuals. I am their canvas to manipulate and transform in order to bring to life their imaginative fantasies. So honestly sometimes I feel like a puppet. Though I must say I am forever grateful to be around such creative minds day-to-day because it is truly inspiring. Also I completely understand that if the model and the photographer or makeup artist find that synergy, well magic can be made in front of the camera. 

As I was lying awake last night, a thought popped into my head. I decided hey why couldn’t I do as the creatives do? I believe we are all creative. We just need to find our voice and the right mediums to express ourselves! So back to last night- Last night I decided to use out takes of previous photoshoots and edit them directly on my phone. I don’t have Photoshop so apps like Rookie and Moldiv make great alternatives and are completely free! So here is the start of The Circle Project. 



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