Ugly Sandal Trend: High Fashion or Just High?

Hey Guys,

   What has two thick straps, 1 rubber sole, and is in every department store known to man…..that’s right I’m talking about those ugly sandals. So as I am sure everyone is aware of by now, this ugly sandal trend has every fashionista ditching their heels this summer in exchange for some real arch support. I mean this thing has spread faster than the swine flu circa 2009. From all the major fashion magazines to soccer moms across the world; the ugly sandals trend is here to stay.

   So my fascination with this trend comes out of a place of resentment. Let me explain. Back in the day (middle school days…aka The Time of Darkness) my mom was all about showing me how you should wear clothes that are comfortable and old lady-esque. So she would buy me shoes like clogs and Birkenstocks in order to keep my feet in good shape as I roamed the school halls. At first I would shy away because well I thought other kids weren’t wearing them so maybe that makes it uncool, but then my mom would convince me it was totally fine. So if the majority were not doing it did that really make it uncool? Yes my dears, it ABSOLUTELY made it uncool. I mean the first day I wore clogs I was laughed at all day by all the cool kids…Oh and as for Birkenstocks, if you had those it meant you were some strange hippie girl that probably shies away from showers. So I forwent my arch support and hippie sandals and began the healing process of all the girlish torment I had endured.

   Now 8 years later Vogue is telling me this is the ‘IT’ shoe to have? Are you kidding me? Apparently I grew up in the wrong decade because I could have sworn these sandals would never make it in good graces with the likes of oh I don’t know, Anna Wintour,  Jamie King, and the Olsen twins. I really did not know how to react to this trending footwear at first. 

Picture credit from The New York Post

   I must say my absolute favorite thing about this new trend is its title. I mean it is literally called the ugly sandal trend. We are cognizantly buying something that is labeled ‘ugly’ and wearing it with as much confidence as if we were wearing Jimmy Choos! 

   Well I am truly curious to see what you guys think about it? Have you already bought your pair in every metallic shade, or are you waiting this one out? I know personally I think if it is styled right this can totally work! Also, it gives us women more options for the office and big events where we can be stylish and comfortable. Ladies we may not get another trend like this that gives us the freedom to be comfortable standing on our feet for hours for another decade. My only critique is please, please, please don’t wear your gym socks with your slides and call it fashion. Sorry, disagree if you will, but that is still not a look we should take from runway to streetwear. Instead opt for a fresh pedicure, a strappy Birkenstock, and pair it with a sundress or cool leather jeans.

   I’m not sure if I quite answered my question if these shoes are truly fashionable? At the end of the day it truly depends on the details of the outfit. I know personally I have been wearing my Birkenstocks (AKA Jesus Sandals) for the last couple of years now. I first grabbed a pair when I was in NYC and my feet were killing me after miles of walking. These shoes were the perfect fix for my tired toes. Not only that, but now I have gained the confidence to wear what I like even if the ‘cool’ girls don’t like it. So grab a pair of these ugly sandals if you dare at Nordstroms or Target and bear with me through this comfy trend! 

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