Rainy Style of the Day

    7:05 AM and I’m staring at my phone. Why you may ask? A crash of thunder woke me up out of a very deep sleep (I was dreaming I could fly the uge) and then the dreaded weather alert call went off to confirm that I would not be going back to bed anytime soon. Rain is gushing down the side of my window and all I wanted to do was run in the rain! I’m a desert girl what can I say.

   When Arizonans see rain it’s like a trigger; like we must pray to the gods and dance in the rain because we know this probably won’t happen again for another 100 days…Anyways…since it was 70 degrees outside I grabbed my rain coat, rain boots (rain boots primarily used for walking in the desert in case of snakes so this was a nice change) and a black dress of course. So here is how my morning went – and I apologize for the poor quality let’s just say we went for a hip vibe ya dig?

Dress and Wedges:Target

Rain Coat: Lands’ End

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