Family Day in San Diego: Things to See, Eat, and Places to Play

Hey Y’all,

Gosh has it already been three days in San Diego? Why do holidays go so fast ugh?! Well today was a real treat because my family got a personal tour of the Coast Guard base thanks to my brother who is a navigator for the Coasties. As we entered through the hanger we came across two fully functional helicopters that were prepped and ready for their next medical evacuations. My brother got us to go inside the helicopters and I even snagged a photo pretending to pilot the chopper.

San Diego Coast Guard Base

After we switched gears (pun intended) and explore the Natural History Museum of Balboa Park. I’m such a nerd and sucker for dinosaur exhibits! Let me tell you if you didn’t already know, avoid Balboa Park and the Zoo on weekends if you have a chance! Parking is truly a nightmare. If you dare to go on a Saturday wear some fashionably comfy sneakers or Birkenstocks to take on the trek from your car to some of the 39 attractions! Thanks goodness my Vans got me through the day-sorry sandals you just didn’t make the cut for me today.

So after all the excitement we were starving. Since it was our last supper here we wanted to go to the main drag of the Gaslamp Quarter. We found an awesome Mexican place called Don Chido that was vegetarian friendly!! Yay for me and my fellow rabbit food lovers! If you ever get a chance try their churro margarita I totally recommend it. It has just enough kick from the cinnamon to wake you up, but the sugar rim invites your tongue to keeping coming back for more.

I really cannot wait to come back to visit San Diego again in a couple weeks. If anyone has some suggestions on places to go or see let me know and I’ll make sure to document it!

Stay Classy,


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