San Diego Here We Come! Part 1

Like Hey,

Never have I ever…been to Mexico!! Remember that game Never Have I Ever? Well I got one step closer to Mexico on my California road trip today. What I mean is I saw the border by the Sand Dunes and then pulled over to take photos. Yes I am that girl- you know the one that’s a super tourist babe who always needs to take pictures of everyone on the trip posing in front of side road things. But hey someone needs to be right? 

Anyways when you roadtrip with my family get ready to make many stops along the way. Whether it’s for the driver to get snacks, Gatorade, food, or to take a nap (don’t worry someone else takes over for him). Today we managed to only make 5 stops. Record breaking for the Hatchers. First we stopped for some hardy meals at Jack in the Box-essential road trip meal, then we stopped right next door to grab more gas. So far not so bad right? Well once we saw the sand dunes I had to stop I mean sand dunes people they’re gorgeous; it’s like being on Tatooine. After a couple more we made it to sunny San Diego! Guess what guys? They have an ice cream sandwich place right outside my hotel!! Keep checking in for my foodie finds here in the city and if you have any recommendations I would love to hear from you. xx

– From your new beach bunny Hatch

image image image image image image

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