Fashionably Fired Up over This Red Hot Look!

Hey Girl,

Has anyone else been noticing that bold hair colors are the new dos to do? It seems like everyone is doing it from celebrities, models, and my local retail experts! I mean just today on my daily fashion Tumblr scroll I stumbled upon none other than supermodel Sasha with brand new red locks. Looks like bold hair color is no longer reserved for post break-up metamorphosis. If you are looking for a change up in your hair regime, why not go red hot like some of these lovely ladies.


Known for her Ariel red locks try this bold candy apple like Carly from Girl Code

tumblr_n9f35oq4Xw1qawjc8o1_500 url

Look at these supermodels rocking their notice-me red hair. I get so excited when models change up their looks. They really can refresh or, in Natalie Westling’s case, create a buzz for their careers and for the designers collections.


So what do you say red hot or put out the flames? Personally I think red hot, but this kind of color takes a girl who is not afraid to stand out in the crowd. A real sense of style, confidence, and hair of vibrant red hues will surely get you noticed by the fashion gods. Now if you are wanting this look without the full commitment like me….start with with something small like hair chalk. Also use virtual makeover tools like the one from Seventeen Magazine to try on this new look before dying your hair!



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