From OKCupid to In-Person Dating Deal Breakers

Hey Y’all,

So on my way to work today I was listening to the independent radio station 93.9 per usual and they came across an interesting dating story that is taking the internet by storm. That’s right I’m talking about the OKCupid guy that wrote 125 lists of ‘deal breakers’ for his dating profile. So if you don’t know OKCupid allows you to tailor your dating profile so people can see certain traits or behaviors that are just deal breakers for them under the section ‘Don’t message me if…’. You get to write whatever you want to warn profile viewers, hey don’t message me if you (insert deal breakers here), and from there you can better find your match. So after 125 ‘don’t message me if’ statements I’m sitting here thinking okay…who could you date man? I mean I know dating is hard and who wouldn’t cut through the bad parts and jump right into the arms of our prince charming if they had a chance? BUT sorry dolls that’s just not realistic. Even Disney princess movies have wised up to this tall tale! 

This story did however pose a thought provoking question. When you are dating, especially going on that first day, what are your deal breakers? What behaviors, beliefs, music tastes, cooking habits could you just not handle in a partner? I took the rest of my drive to work to think about would be my deal breakers and here’s what I came up with:

  1. Could only live in a small town
  2. Doesn’t want a family of their own
  3. More into their skincare than me
  4. Takes a lot of selfies to post on Instagram 
  5. Religiously close minded

I’m sure I could think of more, not as much as this guy, but honestly I feel these five are pretty solid. Other than that I’m pretty open to people. So how about it, if you have an OKCupid profile what would you add to ‘Don’t message me if…’

Deal Breakers from OKCupid


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