Word to the Wise Against Scammers

Hey Y’all

So you want to model right? Great! Now you just need a reputable modeling agency behind you to begin your career. As I am sure most of you are aware of, there are many scam artists out there preying on fresh faces with big dreams of supermodelstardome. BEWARE! First rule is never, ever, ever pay a company or person first. As a model you should not have to pay for you agent to represent you. They sign you onto their agency because they see you as an investment. They will drop money to develop your portfolio and market you to clients because the upfront expenses from their pocket book should pay-off in the long run when you start booking jobs. So if you get approached by someone offering you a contract and all you have to do is pay $500 ‘agency fees’…girl just run away. If you think they could possibly be a good agency I advise taking a card (never give out your information always take theirs) and check online through sites like http://www.models.com to verify their repuation. If things don’t seem quite right then don’t do it. It is not worth sacrificing your time and money into a company that will not be able to properly managing your career. 

I know it totally bummed me out when I realized people were trying to scam me. I mean you fee like wow someone thinks I could be a star? How amazing right? Well girl, you can be a star, but only if you take control of your own fashion destiny. Do your research and don’t allow the first person on the street that tells you how beautiful you are fool you into secretly paying for their next Cabo vacation. Know you are beautiful and own it. If you want this career why not make it the best you can by getting the right people behind you to help build this new career of yours. 



P.S. Sometimes you will have fees associated with being affiliated with an agency after you have been signed a contract. Below are normal fees associated with being a professional model:

  • monthly or annual online portfolio fees for web hosting
  • buying a portfolio or most commonly known as ‘the book’ 
  • initial photoshoots (set up through the agency with professional photographers)
  • model essentials (casting heels, makeup, dermablend, skinny jean, ect.)

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