The Introduction

Hey Y’all,

I think the best way to start this is by introducing myself… My name is Sarah Hatcher and I am signed with The Agency AZ. have been modeling for the past 7 years in Arizona and internationally. Yes that’s right 7, which is essentially a third of my life. I wanted to model by the age 12 and I set strict professional and personal goals for myself:

  1. Get sign with FORD NYC by 16
  2. Travel to NYC for the first time (and then 2nd, 3rd, 4th, so on..)
  3. By 18 be jet setting the world to walk on the international runways
  4. Walk in New York Fashion Week
  5. Walk for Paris Couture
  6. Learn other cultures and languages
  7. Go to some fabulous parties

    Well, guess what? I did it…well most of it anyways. By age 18 I did 1-3 no problem. I was on my way to supermodelstardom!! However, hormones starting kicking in, hips got larger, and gosh I really wanted to finish my education at a university. So I may never have walked for New York or Paris fashion week, but hey I did everything else and had way too much fun doing. What I learned is no matter what age you are, if you have a dream it is possible to achieve if you believe in yourself and never lose sight of what’s most important. Having support helps too. My parents were always supportive of my dreams, even taking me to Paris to meet with Elite when I was only 16 and excusing me from school so I could finish a morning photoshoot. I was lucky. I mean gosh I remember my mom driving me to my very first photoshoot with Billy Kidd and she sat in the studio for 5 hours with her book patiently waiting for me to finish. She sat with me while Billy told me I would never be a fashion model…and now I’m known as the ‘fashion’ girl here in AZ. It’s funny how things work out and it just shows you have to be driven to make it in this town.

    You can imagine that after all this time in the industry I have picked up a few tips and tricks from stylists, makeup artists, art directors and other models. Not only did I learn a lot of trade secrets that I hope to share, but I also found myself wanting to share the real side of the modeling profession. By now most of us have gotten a glimpse into the fashion industry thanks to television shows like America’s Next Top Model, Project Runway, The Face, and even E News. Well, as much as they try to tell you the truth there is, as you would expect, many aspects of this job that are not shown to the public. My goal is to share my stories and know-how with others so that they may create realistic expectations of the modeling world and how to better prepare themselves for all the craziness that is absolutely fundamental for the chaotic, beautiful, and relentless fashion industry.

So let’s do this.

(Here’s my at 15 at my first photoshoot with Billy Kidd)

Shot by Billy Kidd
Shot by Billy Kidd

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